What’s Up?

Lots! We have been super busy cooking, eating, in-house foodstorming for family, researching, reading and making our blog better. Hope you like the new layout!

I was going to put in a links page and a recipe page, but then I realised that it would take ages, need constant updating and probably wouldn’t be all that great. I am a huge fan of Pinterest, so I created some Pinterest boards and started adding great recipes, favourite blogs, CrossFit stuff and generally interesting things. I’ll add to these boards as I go, so check in regularly or, if you have Pinterest account, follow us to stay updated.

Sunday Foodstorm

Sunday foodstorms are our new tradition here at Anarchy Road. Although I only work three days a week, they are long days with a three hour commute and CrossFit on the way home.┬áTyson works crazy chef hours, so it’s just me and the hound, and by the time I hit the door at 7pm I’m tired, hungry and ready to grab the first thing I see. I started foodstorming to try to make sure that I had food that is going to be nourishing, delicious and easy to prepare, with minimal cleaning up required.

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