Sunday Foodstorm

Sunday foodstorms are our new tradition here at Anarchy Road. Although I only work three days a week, they are long days with a three hour commute and CrossFit on the way home. Tyson works crazy chef hours, so it’s just me and the hound, and by the time I hit the door at 7pm I’m tired, hungry and ready to grab the first thing I see. I started foodstorming to try to make sure that I had food that is going to be nourishing, delicious and easy to prepare, with minimal cleaning up required.

We eat a lot of vegetables and eggs and a bit of meat and fruit. I am a big fan of dairy, Tyson not so much. So most of the food I cook revolves around those principles. For three days worth of meals we need steamed vegetables, raw vegetables, ready to go protein and something to have as a snack. A couple of people have asked me about my approach to this, so I thought I’d share today’s foodstorm.

Yesterday I went to the market to prepare for the foodstorm. For protein I came home with a one-kilogram piece of pork shoulder, which will do nicely for some pulled pork. I also stocked up on our favourite vegetables for steaming, including green beans, carrots and broccoli. Hiding in the bottom of the fridge was the best part of a cabbage, celery and half a head of cauliflower, so that was the vegetables taken care of.

I did my research on the best way to prepare the pork, and decided against the popular recipes featuring loads of sugar, or even worse, soft drink or barbeque sauce. I loosely followed Jamie Oliver’s 6-Hour Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder recipe, and got that into the oven.

If you want to do a badass foodstorm, there are a couple of things you need. A decent chefs knife is essential, as is a steamer, a colander and a lot of containers to put your food in.

This is how you do it.

Make sure everything is good to go, and get some water in the bottom of your steamer to boil.

Cut your first vegetable. Put it in the steamer. While it’s steaming, cut your next vegetable. When the steaming vegetable is done to your liking, tip it into your colander and immerse in cold water. Don’t tip out your steamer water – you’ve got a long way to go yet.




Put in your next vegetable, and repeat the process above … and keep going until all of your vegetables are done.

Some notes on my vegetables …


For most of my life I have thrown out the broccoli stems, but in trying to reduce waste, I started to steam them up with the broccoli florets. I actually prefer them to the florets now. All you have to do is cut away the tough skin on the outside, and slice into discs.



I don’t peel my carrots anymore. There doesn’t seem to be much point. I wash them well, cut off the ends (putting them aside for stock) and cut them as normal.


I was going to steam up the cauliflower, but there is just so many more interesting things you can do than steaming. Today I decided that since the oven was already on, I’d roast it up. I put the florets and stems into a bowl and added tumeric, ground cumin and coriander, chilli powder, salt, pepper and olive oil and shook it all around a bit. Then I tipped it onto a tray, spread it out and put it into the oven until it went brown and crispy. It’s supposed to last until Thursday … but it is almost gone already. That’s how good it is.



So the steaming is all done. Thank goodness, it feels like about 40 degrees in my little kitchen and I’m getting fed up. I’ve still got a load of stuff sitting on my bench that needs to be dealt with, so I get on with it.

I washed cut up carrot and celery for snacks, keeping the celery leaves and ends for stock.


Next up is tzatziki for dipping the sticks into. I peel and quarter half a big cucumber and remove the seeds. Grate it all up then put into some muslin cloth and squeeze out the excess juice. The grated cucumber goes into a bowl with two finely chopped cloves of garlic, lemon juice (about half a lemon), salt, pepper and about a cup and a half of yoghurt. Taste it, and adjust to your liking.

So there we have it. A bootload of veggies I can grab out and heat up, some protein (delicious pork) to go on top and some quick snacks. I’ve also got some skinless sausages that I made hiding in the freezer that I will get out as required and some free range chicken drumsticks that need little more than olive oil, salt and pepper and a nice hot chargrill (although I may brine them if I can be bothered). I will survive until Thursday.




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